Terms And Conditions


    Usage of this website (https://tenomvalley.com) is on condition that you accept without variation. The terms and conditions set out here in which may vary from time to time at its sole discretion with/without notice to you and you acknowledge that the usage of this website constitutes your agreement to all the terms and conditions in force for the time being as set out herein.
    In the Terms & Conditions: “we” or “us” means Tenom Valley (including, where appropriate, our employees, agents, and suppliers and all relevant insurers); “you” or “guests” means any and all person(s) for whom a lodging room is booked.
    The following terms and conditions create a legally binding agreement between you and Tenom Valley.
    Administration fee – Room booking and administration fee.
    Order confirmation number (Order ID)- A number will be issued to the guest who successfully completes their room booking process.
    Changes – Such changes are limited and not limited to guest name, booking date(s), room type and any other changes which will be determined by us. For such changes, the guest needs to call or e-mail us of such changes.
    Reservation – You place a definitive booking with payment.
    Cancellation – When you cancel your booking with us.
    Check-in time – 2.00 p.m.
    Check-out time – Before 12.00 p.m.
    E-mail – Any email from guests send to info@tenomvalley.com.
    Guest – A staying customer at Tenom Valley.
    Service tax and charges – 6% service tax + RM10 Tourism Tax (where applicable)
    Multiple nights – More than one (1) night.
    Rate – Price charged for your room(s).
    Reference print-out – Print out that we issue when your booking has been confirmed.
    All that is necessary and essential to ensure a good night’s sleep.
    Safe, clean and comfortable environment.
    Clean en-suite bathroom with power shower.
    Some rooms come equipped with air conditioning.
    Limited housekeeping services.
    Basic kitchen facilities for simple home cooking with separated utensils for halal or non-halal consumers.
    All room reservations, enquiries, or cancellations please contact us at info@tenomvalley.com.
    All bookings will be charged to via a payment instrument made available by us from time to time i.e online transfer or cash. For the walk-in guests, payment by valid credit card and/or cash. Please note that your booking is only valid if you receive a valid reference number sent to your email address by Tenom Valley. If you do not receive a Order Confirmation number in 24 hours, please contact us at info@tenomvalley.com.
    All bookings are subject to availability. When you first book with us, your booking is put on-hold until you have made full payment within 3 days. Once payment is confirmed, your booking has been completed, a reference number will be issued which you should print. You should present this reference number upon check-in at Tenom Valley, together with proof of your identity (NRIC/Passport) at the point of check-in. The person named in the booking must be the person that will actually be staying, failing which, we reserve its absolute rights to cancel the room or it shall request the person named in the booking to be present during the check-in.
    Your room will be held for your arrival until 1800 hours on the day of your scheduled check-in – after which the booking will be deemed cancelled, unless we are informed.
    For multiple bookings, in the event the guest fails to check-in on time at the booking date, we may, with sole and absolute discretion, shall accommodate a new guest to the rooms for the remaining booking terms without any further notice given to the guests. Upon that, the previous booking will be deemed cancelled.
    Tenom Valley operates on a strict arrival check-in and check-out policy.
    Check-In Time : 1400 hours onwards
    Check-Out Time : 1200 hours
    If check-out is beyond 1200 hours, an additional one (1) night’s stay is subject to availability and an additional room rate in real time will be imposed without further notice to the guest.
    Latest time of arrival is 1800 hours on the booking date, failing which, your booking is deemed cancelled. We shall reserve our absolute rights to re-sell the room to our guest(s) without further notice to you.
    Once bookings made and/or guest(s) checked in, bookings are non-refundable.
    Any changes regarding the date, room category, duration of stay of your booking will require you to cancel your initial booking and re-book your stay with us.
    Any cancellation or amendment of your booking MUST be done/made 2 days before your scheduled check-in date. A cancellation Fee of your 1st night rates will be charged.
    For any cancellations or amendment of bookings within 2 days before your scheduled check-in date, the monies paid are deemed forfeited. Multi-nights bookings cancelled within 2 days before your scheduled check-in time will also be deemed forfeited.
    This credit is not transferable to any other parties.
    Tenom Valley reserves its absolute rights to commence any legal action or proceedings against the guests in relation to any damages incurred to the rooms or to the property while in the premise. Tenom Valley also reserve it’s absolute rights to charge the credit card of the said damages incurred to the rooms or to the property without any notifications and if such costs of damages are unable to recover fully from the credit card, Tenom Valley shall commence a legal proceedings against the guests without prior notice.
    Tenom Valley reserves its absolute rights to refuse accommodation to any person(s) without any notice and may terminate the booking or stop any event immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation under the following circumstances (but not limited to) where:-
    1. such action is deemed necessary for reasons of safety or security; concern any unlawful activities, disturbance or which cause public nuisance which will affect the comfort of the other guests of the hotel.
    2. your conduct, status, age or physical condition or the physical condition of your luggage is deemed such as to, (i) may cause harm, discomfort or (ii) involve any hazard or risk to yourself or other persons or to our property.
    3. you have committed misconduct on a previous stay and such conduct may be repeated.
    4. the applicable rate or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid, the payment of your room rate is fraudulent (i.e. using a fraudulent credit card), the credit card by which you paid for the rate has been reported lost or stolen; the booking is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained.
    5. the booking of our Room(s) has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a party not authorized by us.
    6. the booking has been altered by anyone other than us or our authorized agent or has been tampered with or defaced (in which case we reserve the rights to retain such booking documentation); and/or
    7. you do not register as the person stated on the booking or the person checking in cannot prove that he is the person named as per the booking (we reserve the rights to retain such booking documentation in such circumstances).
    We are only responsible for your booking reservation and guarantee the same at Tenom Valley on your date of arrival as per the reservation made by you. We only warrant that the room, as described on our Site, will be available to you. We are not in a position to guarantee your safety against accidents, death, acts of God, flood, riot, theft, or even acts of negligence. All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and Hotel Malaysia will not be responsible for any eventualities related to services booked through this site. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the material contained on the Tenom Valley website is accurate, and all material published is in good faith, Tenom Valley does not warrant or represent its accuracy and disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law all warranties expressed or implied by statute, custom or usage relating to the information contained in the website. Tenom Valley will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential losses or damage arising out of the use of this site or any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in materials provided.We reserve the rights to retain your credit card details and your consent to us debiting such amounts for which you are responsible for as a result of and in the event any damages caused to the room by you or your guest(s) during the stay. These amounts may be debited from your card without prior notification.We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of property left in or damaged as a result of being in your Hotel Malaysia room during your stay. We have no responsibility for any property left behind/damaged as a result of your stay.The various linked sites on our Tenom Valley site allows for further link-up and interaction between you and the said sites for promotions and other interactive mediums. The inclusion of all website links on our Tenom Valley site does not imply endorsement by Tenom Valley of such linked sites, or any association with its operations. Tenom Valley is not to be held responsible to either the said sites or you assessing the said linked websites, and is further not responsible for the content of the said linked sites, and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on the said site.You are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injuries and money/valuable belongings.The laws of Malaysia shall apply to the Tenom Valley website and the Terms & Conditions therein and court proceedings relating thereto may only be commenced in Malaysia.
    We will retain all personal information which you provide during booking. We may need to pass this information to other parties such as our licensees and it may also be required to be provided to security and/or credit checking companies, credit and debit card companies, government and enforcement agencies and public authorities if so required, or as required by law. This may involve sending your personal information between different countries.
    You consent to the disclosure of your personal information to us. We shall be entitled to disclose and you irrevocably consent to our disclosure of any information pertaining to you to such extent as we may at our sole and absolute discretion deem fit to any security and/or credit checking companies, credit and debit card companies, regulatory bodies, government and enforcement agencies and public authorities if so required, or as required by law; our franchisees, our branches, related corporations, associates, subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, proposed assignees, agents, commercial partners, service providers and/or any other parties engaged by us to enable or assist us in the provision of services or to exercise or enforce our rights hereunder and/or any other party whomsoever as we may, at our sole and absolute discretion, deem fit. Any disclosure by us of the information referred to in this provision will not render us liable to you for any claim, loss, damage (including direct or indirect damages or loss of profits or savings) or liability howsoever arising whether in contract, negligence, or any other basis arising from or in relation to:
    1. the release or disclosure of the information by us; and/or
    2. the information being incorrect, erroneous or misstated; and/or
    3. reliance on the information, whether caused by us or other third party’s omission, misstatement, negligence or default or by technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, interruption, error, omission, viruses, delay in updating or notifying any changes in the information or otherwise howsoever.”
    The material on the tenomvalley.com website is the property of Tenom Valley. You may download or use the material on the website for your own non-commercial and private use. Otherwise, the material may not be reproduced, published, distributed, amended, downloaded or otherwise used unless you have obtained Tenom Valley’s prior permission in writing.
    We reserve the rights to cancel, amend or vary at any time the arrangements featured on the Tenom Valley site without prior notice. If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of terms and conditions of this Agreement and any translation thereof, the English text shall prevail.